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a trip to IKEA with Grammie


My mom, my kids*, and I took a trip to IKEA while she was visiting. I thought I only needed storage bins, but… well, you know how trips to IKEA go. What with lunch in the cafeteria, the kids’ section, the obligatory ice cream cone pick-me-up, and all our own shopping, we somehow spent four and a half hours inside the store. With two kids under two!

We got some sign that we had overstayed our welcome when — in our last 15 minutes at IKEA — a number of things happened:

  • As I attempted to swipe my credit card at check out, Gil emptied the entire contents of his stomach all over me. We’re talking rivers of milk.
  • Lena, bored of waiting for me to mop up myself and Gil after this episode, charged into the men’s bathroom and giggled at our attempts to coax her out.
  • I loaded Lena into the car and said, “Does something smell like dog poo?” and then looked down to find Lena had be stomping in a pile of it and the whole mess was now all over her shoes, my pants, and—worst of all—the back seat of the car.
  • It started raining.

But of course there are no pictures of these unforgettable memories. I only managed to take pictures of all the happy times, and that’s what I really want to remember anyway, right?!










* “My kids.” I have kids, plural! Elliott and I still smile every time we say it. Geez Louise, life is crazy.

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birthday memories

Happy birthday to me!  Twenty-six today, believe it or not. 

I just finished talking to my sister on Skype a little while ago, and that always brings back a million memories of college at the University of Virginia.  Five (five?!) years ago I celebrated my 21st there with a fun birthday bash in my dear friend Sarah’s Lawn room.  I looked back on Facebook to see if the photos were still there, and whaddaya know?  Hello, 21-year-old self.

the aforementioned Sarah, who is now the belle of NYC

This last photo is my favorite: my nursing school friend Nicole teaches me how to open a bottle of wine.  I literally did not know how! 

I also got a kick out of the fact that I still wear that same sweater… five years later.

Oh memories…

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