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Sweet Summertime in Virginia

IMG_0009 So we took this trip to Virginia in early July, meaning I am only about a month behind! We flew home to surprise my mom on July 7, then spent an extra week there visiting family and savoring that awfully muggy green gorgeousness of a Virginia summer.

With my mom, we visited a local farm with a carousel, jumped through sprinklers, bravely pulled off band-aids, and rode the neighbor kid’s bicycles:

becca-garber-virginia-summer-1.jpg IMG_0119 becca-garber-virginia-summer-2 We also met Lena and Gil’s first and only cousin for the very first time! Eden, Elliott’s older sister, got married two years ago to Charlie, and their son was born in April. We were thrilled to meet him and spend as much time with him as possible!

IMG_0078 On Saturday morning I took the kids into D.C. to have breakfast at Jimmy T’s Diner with my sister, Emily. She lives a few blocks from where Elliott and I lived when we first got married!

IMG_0396 Later we all met up with our mom and her friend Berta to visit the Kenilworth Gardens in D.C. for the Lotus & Water Lily Festival. I had never seen a lotus in person, and they are so intricate and beautiful. I had also never seen an aunt who got her face painted right along with her niece and nephew… what a sport!

IMG_0211 becca-garber-virginia-summer-6 becca-garber-virginia-summer-3 IMG_0407 Another night, all the Garber siblings (and my sister) met at Jon and Erika‘s new apartment on Capitol Hill for a sibling picnic. Such a magical evening!

IMG_0100 IMG_0408 becca-garber-virginia-summer-4 In between visits to D.C., life at my parents’ house looked like this: wagon rides around the neighborhood and playing with toys on the living room rug. The stuff of childhood that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

becca-garber-virginia-summer-5 And then home again to San Diego and to Elliott, who we missed very much! Lena and Gil waited so patiently until they were buckled in their seats before they could open their backpacks and find the treat (gummy bears, I think) that I had stashed there for them.

IMG_0285 And finally, two great little travelers. I love them so!

IMG_0289 Some of you know that we’ve already made another trip back to the East Coast in the past month, so there is more updating to be done! Plus I’m excited to share my July book reviews, which hopefully will be coming soon with some good end-of-summer reads for you.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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a post-wedding getaway to Chincoteague


Elliott’s family has been visiting Chincoteague for about 20 years, long before I was ever in the picture.  Somehow we have missed these family vacations since we got married, and so this was my first time to see this beautiful corner of the world.  What a peaceful place!  The quiet water rising and falling with the tide, the herons and egrets dipping and diving for fish, the sunrises and sunsets that turn the marsh grasses golden and haloed with light.  After the joy and excitement of Eden and Charlie’s wedding, this was a sweet way for all of us to settle gently back to earth before going on with our regular lives.


Morning on the dock.


Kayaking with David… which we chose to do at low tide.  Whoopsies!


The brave kayakers, tired but victorious after shoving ourselves through mud and battling the wind.


Gil and his Grampa


Peekaboo!  Auntie Jess found the perfect place to hang her hammock.


Giggles with “Unca Davy”

  becca-garber-chincoteague-22 Thank you, Seth and Tracy, for the awesome outfit Gil is wearing.  Lena also enjoyed it back in the day!


Ready to go for a bike ride!


Erika and Jonathan (happy anniversary, you two!!!) pose by the map together…


… and then Jess poses with her future husband.


For Harry Potter fans, this has something to do with Harry Potter.


The whole gang.  Photo taken while biking one-handed behind them and making them all look over their shoulders… thankfully none of us crashed!




Daddy and his girl.


A Chincoteague pony!  Looks kinda like Misty.


Cutie patooties.


All the siblings played two games of Settlers in less than 24 hours. Elliott somehow won both of them.


Last but not least, we watched a rocket go off from the NASA station!  Can you see the glow in the sky that is reflected in the water?  It was headed for the space station.  I didn’t even know we had a space station.  Did you?

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Lena’s first haircut!


As it’s now been over a year and a half (!) since Lena last had an at-home trim, I thought it might be a good idea to get her hair cut while we were still here in Virginia.  (This is what she looked like after her last hair trim.)  I wanted to get it cut to her shoulders, but Elliott vetoed that!  Anyone else have a husband and/or dad who loves long hair on his girl(s)?

Anyway, I took Lena to a little shop that just opened near my parents’ house.  I didn’t tell Lena too much about it beforehand, and I was worried that she’d freak out when someone else cut off her hair or would act out to the brushing/combing.  She hates it when I brush her hair!  (Mom tip: brush and fix your daughter’s hair while she’s eating breakfast.  She’ll be sitting still for at least three minutes.)



Thankfully, she did really well, and mostly sat in awed silence.  I was so glad for that.  I don’t know how I would have handled a meltdown in the middle of the beauty parlor.  Everything must have been so new and amazing, and the haircut probably felt relatively relaxing.  She particularly enjoyed the finale…


… and now is totally into hair dryers!


The hairdresser took me very seriously and only cut off about an inch.  I thought “an inch” would be “oops, two inches!”  But it wasn’t, which I guess says good things about Great Clips, but means Lena’s hair is still long.  Oh well, I guess winter is coming.


She looked so purty.  Off to get a frozen yogurt treat with her Grampa Garber!

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Eden & Charlie are married!




Many of you have probably seen on Facebook or Instagram, but my sister-in-law Eden got married on Sunday!  They were wed in a beautiful outdoor ceremony on Charlie’s family’s land on the Chesapeake Bay, complete with a Scottish bagpiper, the best ice cream on the Eastern Shore, delicious homemade cakes, Celtic line dancing, and wildflowers everywhere.  The weather was perfect — mid-70s and sunny — and the whole day felt peaceful, joyous, and new.

I kept choking up every time I looked at Eden during the ceremony.  She had waited for this day, dreamed of this day, and now… beautiful reality!  Charlie and Eden had so carefully chosen every piece of the wedding, and it intricately reflected their shared faith, community, artistry, and dreams.

Of course, for Elliott and me, now weddings are a whole different ball game with two littles.  I felt a little scattered the whole time because of Gil; I was constantly holding him, passing him off to someone else, keeping an eye on him wherever he was, trying to get him to nap, checking on him while he was napping, feeding him, holding him… and so on and so forth.  Lena, meanwhile, felt completely at home and ran around the entire property by herself, skipping from one group of friends to another.  She was so happy.   I think she drank her weight in “yemonade,” too!

Now the family — minus the honeymooners — have moved to Chincoteague, Virginia.  Elliott’s family has vacationed here for 20 years, but this is my first visit.  We’re savoring the quiet days and time together, mixing board games and building blocks together now, as we drink in this beautiful view.  Happy Tuesday, everyone!


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a day in D.C. with Uncle David


Hello from Sicily again!  Lena, Gil, and I flew home on Tuesday and oh-my-goodness I am glad that is over.  I was so nervous about flying with both kids by myself for the first time.  Praise God, though, it went really well, and we all survived and even had fun.  (The fact that I never cried is kind of amazing, therefore making it a success in my book.)  I credit the dollar bin at Target, the prayers of many friends and family, and God’s good grace.   It’s so good to be home… and back with Elliott/Daddy after four weeks apart!

On our last Saturday in Virginia, the kids, my cousin KT, and I drove into the city to see my brother-in-law David.  He lives in an awesome neighborhood just sound of Capitol Hill called the Navy Yard.  Elliott and I went there for a date night before Elliott returned to Sicily, and I decided I had to bring the kids back at some point… because of all the fountains!  It’s basically a water park down there, thanks to some amazing recent additions to the neighborhood.  Things like “splash pads” and wading pools in the middle of a well-planned and beautiful city make me so excited to move back next year!

becca-garber-navy-yard-dc-summer-1 becca-garber-navy-yard-dc-summer-13

^ We started off our adventures with lunch at a food truck festival.  When in D.C…


^ My cousin KT currently lives in Muskogee, Oklahoma, because of her husband’s job.  She’s headed to law school next year… and they hope to come to D.C. for that!  I hope she comes too. :-)


^ Tommy Wells is running for mayor of D.C.  He was eating lunch at the table next to ours and gave Lena a campaign sticker afterwards.  Go, Tommy!


^And then on to the watery attractions.  The shallow pool and rain garden were just perfect for little Gil!

becca-garber-navy-yard-dc-summer-3 becca-garber-navy-yard-dc-summer-9

^ “Come on, Lena, the fountains are fun!”


^ … even when you do take ’em to the face…



^ After plenty of fun at Canal Park, we headed over to Yards Park where there is a deeper wading pool.

becca-garber-navy-yard-dc-summer-8 becca-garber-navy-yard-dc-summer-7

^ Lena’s making new friends in the background…

becca-garber-navy-yard-dc-summer-12 becca-garber-navy-yard-dc-summer-8

Thanks for such a fun day in D.C., Uncle David and cousin KT!  Maybe next summer we’ll be back to stay?

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