grandparents come to visit!

We were treated with a very brief and very sweet visit from Mom and Dad Garber this Saturday and Sunday.  They were in Austin for the launch of the fabulous new home goods store called Treehouse.  Mom showed me some photos of Treehouse and it’s phenomenal!  The store offers everything that Lowes or Home Depot offer except Treehouse’s products are all environmentally friendly.  The theologically-thoughtful founders undertook an incredible amount of product review and collection before the launch of this beautiful store.  Elliott and I want to go to Austin to visit it ourselves, even though we have no home to build or improve here!

Lena’s grandparents arrived on Saturday afternoon and eagerly greeted their granddaughter.  She took one long hard look at her Grampa and burst into tears.  Stranger anxiety has set in full force.  However, the following photos reveal that she found them irresistible despite her initial concerns.

Mom and Dad Garber were eager to see our beloved River Walk, so we soon set out that evening.  We walked through and out of our beautiful King William neighborhood first:

And then walked down the river towards downtown:

We saw wedding portraits being taken along the river.  That gorgeous cypress and the bridge make a beautiful backdrop!

Later than evening Lena got to know her dear Grampa better as he snuggled her after her bath and read her a bedtime story.

Right after we put Lena to bed, our friends Lewis and Bekah arrived for dinner.  We ate, talked, and laughed late into the night.  Elliott and I are so grateful for their friendship during these months in San Antonio!  It’s not often that the Army forces you to live temporarily in the same town as some of your best friends.

The next morning Lena got all gussied up for church and I caught her Grampa taking pictures of her again, so I took some of them!  Lena already will pose very nicely for someone with an iPhone, mostly because she is fascinated by it and would really like to get her hands on it.

We dressed her up in a darling little outfit and shoes that Elliott’s friends John and Georgia sent to Lena soon after she was born.  I love those chubby thighs…

After church at Redeemer we took another walk along the River Walk, this time heading south along the quieter portions of the river and then looping back through the King William neighborhood.  We finished with authentic San Antonio cuisine at Tito’s before Mom and Dad had to head home to Virginia. 

Thank you for your visit, Grampa and Marmee!  We loved having you here.

This was our first chance to host overnight guests in our apartment in San Antonio, but we’ll have more guests in the upcoming weeks.  Anyone else want to come visit while we’re here?   We’ll treat you to Sunday morning pancakes, walks along the river, and snuggles with a darling little baby! 

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2 Responses to grandparents come to visit!

  1. Jessica October 24, 2011 at 6:45 pm #

    checking your blog usually makes my day!! love the pics :)

  2. megarber October 25, 2011 at 12:43 am #

    And I can verify that it was a wonderful, though all too brief, time!

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