a night at the museum

Tuesday evenings at the San Antonio Museum of Art are free, a discovery we made on our long walk to the farmer’s market a week ago.  We could see the beautiful brick building rising from manicured lawns as we passed by on the River Walk.  The beautiful Café des Artistes floated out from the grounds and hung over the River Walk itself; patrons of the museum sipped cool drinks between visiting Greek and modern art displays.  The museum itself is the old Lone Star Brewery complex, rich with historical significance and San Antonio flair.

We set off for the museum on a 2-mile walk down the River Walk on a beautiful late September evening.  These two goofs make life so much more fun.

Inside the beautiful gardens of the museum we saw more magnificent passion flowers, some of our favorite foliage in Texas.


The first display we visited inside the museum was a bit of a shock to the senses.  Photographer Daniel Lee has combined human and animal faces in his photography, creating bizarre anthropomorphizing animal features in creepy human bodies.

From left to right, Lee created a monkey/man, ox/man, and a cock/woman.

Or what about this one?  The funny side of it is that you really have seen people that sort of look like these dogs, or dogs that sort of look like these people.  Or dogs.  Or people.  Whatever these creatures are.

Inside the museum we discovered a wonderful glass elevator, the “skywalk” between buildings, and a room full of ancient Greek sculptures.  Around us in the sculpture room an art class diligently sketched the muscles of a marble arm, the flowing folds of a stony dress, the shadows of an ivory face. 

We’ll readily admit after this experience that visiting museums isn’t easy with a little one after she’s seen enough Grecian urns or Roman coins.  But every now and then it’s worth it for an hour or two, her parents believe, and hopefully one day she’ll agree!

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