Abi gets married!

This past weekend I had the great privilege of being a bridesmaid in my dear friend Abi’s wedding.  She and I were roommates back at UVA.  We loved living together our fourth year of college:

We’ve stayed very close friends ever since!  She was a bridesmaid in my wedding.  She’s the third on the left:

And she came to meet Lena when that baby girl was just a few days old!  She also brought me Nutella cookies, which makes her one of my favorite people ever.  She already was, of course, but this sealed the deal.
On Saturday my beloved friend Abi married the boy of her dreams, a man who had wooed her slowly and patiently over the last couple of years.  Their wedding was gorgeous, filled with a million personal details from Abi’s love of France (she’s a French teacher) and Jorge’s Mexican heritage.  Here are a few photos from my phone of this weekend:

Photos from a lovely bridesmaid’s luncheon.  From L to R: Johanna, Abi, me.

My mom came to help with Lena, and she had a wonderful time with her Grammie!  Do you love her new jeggings? :-)  So stylin’!

Morning of the wedding: Abi steams her gorgeous dress and Lauren (another dear friend who lived with us at UVA) preps to be a beautiful bridesmaid.

All the bridesmaids from UVA!  Six of us (out of Abi’s ten bridesmaids) had been friends at Mr. Jefferson’s University.

Abi is veiled for the ceremony!

Trolley ride to the wedding… such fun!  Maggie and I pose for a blurry shot on the ride over.

Final moments before Abi walks down the aisle to Jorge.  Stay hydrated, Abi!  She made all our beautiful hair pieces.

And they are married!!!  We rode the trolley again to take some photos and then arrived at the wedding venue, where Abi had made lovely papel picado and strung the cutouts over the dance floor.  Every detail of this wedding was hand-crafted and designed by Abi and Jorge.

Lena came to the party, where many of my friends were excited to meet her for the first time!  We had fun on the dance floor just the two of us (we missed Elliott :-/) and posed with an old friend, Johanna.

At the end of the night we even got a picture with the bride!  Lovely Abi and her Jorge headed off soon after this among the ringing of wedding bells.  I’m so glad for you, sweet Abi, and rejoice for you and Jorge.  Can’t wait to see you again soon so we can chit-chat about married life!

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3 Responses to Abi gets married!

  1. Abigail May 4, 2012 at 9:46 pm #

    Hooray! I love this post, friend, and all of the beautiful pictures! Thank you for coming all the way to Fredericksburg to support Jorge and me as we start our marriage. It was wonderful seeing you and Lena and your Mom too! My family was also very happy to see you :)

  2. Jorge Ibarra May 4, 2012 at 9:56 pm #

    Awesome! So detailed that I relived the wedding! Thank you for your love and support Becca! We are so blessed to have your family in our lives. We can’t wait to see y’all soon, God willing!


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