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A Giveaway from Meadow Kids Toys! {closed}

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Happy Monday, everyone! I’m so excited to share a giveaway with you today from a wonderful British toy company.


Meadow Kids contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I’d like to review some of their products. I took a peek at their website and loved everything I saw: hands-on, creativity-inspiring toys for crafting, building, and imagining. It was hard to choose favorites between the bath toys, wooden beads, and all kinds of clever crafts. Meadow Kids also has some absolutely lovely books, and they sent me (and Lena and Gil!) a couple to review.

becca-garber-meadow-kids-toys-2 becca-garber-meadow-kids-toys-11

Great was the delight in our household when new books arrived! Lena opened up a storybook with a puzzle on each page. It couldn’t have been more perfect for her because this girl loves puzzles. Gil, meanwhile, received a picture book with an adorable little hand puppet hedgehog,

becca-garber-meadow-kids-toys-5 becca-garber-meadow-kids-toys-12 becca-garber-meadow-kids-toys-13

Lena did every one of those puzzles so carefully and excitedly! And Gil loved his book, but busied himself….


… quickly figuring out exactly how that hedgehog puppet worked. He’s such a  little engineer these days.

I am truly delighted with both the products we received from Meadow Kids, and I can tell that their toys and books are made with care and with children in mind. They will not last forever (some of Lena’s puzzle pieces were a little flimsy), but they will endure a child’s love and foster creativity and imagination in your children… and their parents!

Meadow Kids is offering something absolutely wonderful today to one lucky someone: a bundle of toys and books! Here are the goodies:


This giveaway package includes:

The Sleepy Puppy Hand Puppet Book || The Secret Garden Fingerprint Friends || Mix and Match Animals Bath Stickers || In the Garden Wooden Threading Beads

This box full of goodies for your own child or your favorite niece, nephew, or friend. (Christmas is coming, after all!) Giveaway ends next Tuesday, October 14!

You have FIVE ways to enter. Be sure to tell me in the comments which ways you have entered!

  • Visit Meadow Kids and leave a comment saying what your favorite toy is.
  • Sign up for my mailing list (or tell me that you already did!)
  • Follow me on Pinterest (or tell me that you already do)
  • Follow me on Instagram (or tell me that you already do)


Good luck, and I hope you win!

Yes, you.

I really do!


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{closed} $50 Country Swank Giveaway!!!

becca-garber-country-swank-giveaway chevron handbag / aqua tank / bib clips / earrings / v-neck ruffle dress /brown chevron print dress / girl’s dress

Happy Tuesday, friends!  I’m so excited to bring you a truly wonderful giveaway today from Jennifer, the girl behind Country Swank and Little Boy Howdy.  Jennifer and I are teaming up today to give you $50 to spend in her two stores!

When I first visited last week, I was immediately smitten.  “Wow,” I said, “I want that!  And that.  And wow… I would wear that until I wore it out!”  Jennifer has the same flawless taste for girls’ and boys’ items as well as women’s clothing and accessories. She says:

“We enjoy finding unique pieces, most often handmade, and decided that would be the focus of our store. We want to support small businesses and designers, instead of overseas wholesalers. Our goal is to provide high quality products that fit the feminine country style without crossing the line into western. Because of the nature of our items, many of them are one of a kind or available in limited quantities, so you’re sure to have your own distinct look!”

A shopping spree to an online store like this would be a dream come true for me… and so I’m thrilled to offer it to you!

Here is how to enter:

1. Visit Country Swank and/or Little Boy Howdy and then tell me what your favorite item is in the comments.

2. Share the link to the giveaway on at least one of your social media outlets (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.).  Each share equals one entry, so you could get quite a few entries this way alone!


3. Sign up for my mailing list using the handy-dandy box below.

Jennifer is also offering a 10% discount to all Making Room readers!
Use the code ‘cs2013’ at checkout.

Giveaway closes next Sunday (Sept 8) at midnight
and I will announce the winner on Monday, Sept 9.  Good luck!!!


Giveaway Results

And the winner, according to, is #9.  Congrats to Erika, and thanks for entering and sharing, everyone!  Don’t forget that Jennifer at Country Swank has a 10% off coupon code (cs2013) for all of you!

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{closed} Child Bike Seat + Helmet GIVEAWAY!


I have a wonderful giveaway for anyone who love being outdoors with kids!  Polisport is a company based in Portugal that sells bike products around the world.  I couldn’t believe it when I got an email asking me if I would like to review one of their bike seats and helmets.  Not only do they sell beautiful products, but this is also the first time I’ve been asked to review something on my blog.  Hooray!  I asked if I could give a bike seat and helmet away to one of you all, and they said yes.  So lucky you, too!

I was thrilled for another reason, too: Elliott and I love bike riding and want to pass that along to our kids.  I used to bike to work when I lived in Boston.  As newlyweds in D.C. we biked everywhere, including clear across the city to visit the zoo on multiple occasions.  Getting and giving away a bike seat and helmet seemed too good to be true.


I immediately loved the sleek design of the bike seat and the sturdy build of the helmet. The weight limit for the seat is 22 kgs (48.5 lbs), so Lena will be able to use it until she’d rather ride her own bike beside me!

The bike seat included detailed instructions for installation as well as all the necessary tools (hex key, wrench).  Elliott and I installed the seat in about 45 minutes.  In retrospect I think we should have used Elliott’s larger, sturdier tools… and maybe done it during nap time!  However, Elliott is Mr. Safety Conscious and he was happy with the sturdy installation, so that’s says a lot to me.

Here are a few close-up details of the bike seat itself.  I love the mesh pocket in the back of the seat for maps, snacks, etc.  The rubber straps over Lena’s feet and the snug 5-point harness will keep her secure. becca-garber-polisport-bike-seat-giveaway-4

Here’s a close-up of the seat’s attachment to the bike.  One major bonus of this child’s seat: it’s easy to remove if your child isn’t with you.  If you push the red button and detach the red strap around the seat, the bike seat will slip right off.  Options are key!


Would you like to win one of these bike seats and a helmet for you and your child?  Here are THREE options for you to enter.  You can do just one or all three:

1) Leave a comment on this post telling me why you’d like to win the seat and helmet.

2) Sign up for my mailing list (see left sidebar) and leave a comment telling me you did so.

3) Like Polisport on Facebook and leave a comment telling me you did so.

A winner will be drawn at random this coming Friday and announced next Monday.
Good luck and happy riding!


P.S. Wondering why it looks like we’re in southern California?  We took these photos on the Navy base in Sicily (Sigonella).  So there’s another snapshot into a corner of our lives!  Mt Etna presides over everything in the background, of course.


The winner is #33, Erin R.!  I’ll send you an email, Erin, to get your address so Polisport can send you the bike seat and helmet.  Congratulations and happy biking!

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life lately

Today is the last day to enter my Italian food giveaway!  The competition closes at midnight EST.  All the details are in this post!



Oh the joys of having a newborn… and being the parents of two!   There has been a lot of laughter and so much rejoicing these past 10 days, but there have also been some semi-sleepless nights and a realization that life will never quite be the same.  Although I would never go back, I also am very tired and am not quite sure how I am going to survive once Elliott goes back to work on Friday!  A blog reader shared this piece of wisdom with me today: “if the bums are clean and the bellies are full, it’s been a great day!”  I’m going with that for now.

Here are a few other shots of life around our home these days:


We have been so blessed by some delicious meals from our friends after Gil was born.  We told people that we like vegetarian and seafood dishes, and I’ve been amazed by our friends’ creativity and cookin’ skillz as they have put meal after meal on our table.  Last week my friend Anna brought us a meal on our anniversary, and so she chose to bring one of our favorite meals of all time — chicken curry — and also brought a fancy tablecloth and long red candles.  How sweet is that?!


I got this amazing package in the mail yesterday from a 16-year-old blog reader.  She goes to my parents’ church and got my address so that she could send little baby boy Gil a hat she made for him!  I was blown away.  I love the colors and the style, don’t you?  It’s going to get a lot of use over the years.  Thank you so much, Kara!


I slipped out of the house for a few minutes today to do my weekly market shopping.  The man at my favorite fruit and veggie truck broke into a huge smile when he saw me coming (sans gigantic belly) and gave me his enthusiastic best wishes for our new son.  I loaded up on these blood oranges, which were just 40 cents a kilo!


To cloth diaper or not to cloth diaper… always the question.  My friend Emily loaned me her newborn cloth diapers and covers so that we have all we need to get started whenever we’re ready.  We cloth diapered Lena from 9 months until a few weeks ago (she has abruptly decided to potty train herself) and are enjoying a break from all the diaper laundry.  I must say that these diapers are so stinkin’ cute compared to Pampers…

If you cloth diapered your baby, when did you start?  Right away?  After an adjustment period to a new baby?  Any tips as I get started cloth diapering a newborn for the first time?


If you’d like to see more pictures of life around here, you can find me on Instagram now.  My username is beccagarber.  See ya on the filtered side!

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the many faces of Gil Garber


becca-garber-baby-face2 becca-garber-baby-face3 becca-garber-baby-face4

Gil fell asleep on Elliott’s chest the other night as we were Skyping with Elliott’s parents.  (They could hardly look at us the entire time because they were too enthralled with their grandson!)  After we said goodbye, we were admiring Gil ourselves when all at once he started making some hilarious faces in his sleep.  I grabbed my camera and tried to capture a few of his many expressions.

What was he dreaming about?  Rivers of milk?  Your guess is as good as mine!


Don’t forget to enter the Italian food giveaway!

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