Lena has a big surprise!

Lena has something very special to show you in this video.  We’re so excited!

Also, yes, we’re in Germany in this video!  Second surprise!  Hence the reason for the light posting lately: we were at a week-long veterinary conference for Elliott.  We decided to road trip up to Germany, too, and so we left four days early, rented a car, and then drove up through northern Italy, San Marino, a corner of Austria, and into Germany… and then actually hit Liechtenstein and Switzerland on the way down, too.  For you faithful friends who check in here regularly, I have so many pictures, fun videos, and little anecdotes to share over the next few days! 

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One Response to Lena has a big surprise!

  1. Claire DeLong May 21, 2012 at 6:48 pm #

    awww!! hurray, Lena! :D this is an adorable video :3 and where you are staying/stayed looks so beautiful! i hope you are doing well, Becca!

    <3, Claire

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