photos from home

A collection of iPhone photos taken during my trip home:

  A friend of Booie’s at UVA painted Beta Bridge the day after he heard the news.

Lena and I were on a plane 8 hours after receiving the news that Julia was in a car accident.  I was so grateful for my friendly Italian seatmate who entertained Lena on the flight from Catania to Rome.  I was so tired and emotionally drained (already… and had 18 hours of travel ahead of me!), but he loved her and was happy to play with her.

 Relaxing before the flight from Rome to NYC 
& playing the piano with Auntie Em.

Jet lagged baby 
& a memorial to Julia by her summer swim team outside the Fairfax Frogs pool.

 Emily and I shared a room that first week… and of course that meant Emily’s cat shared it too!

 Playing in the doll cradle with her daddy (who arrived on Wednesday) 
& finding books, toys, and fun chairs in Auntie Em’s room.

 So excited to be fixing the giraffe pull toy!
& visiting Aunt Booie’s grave on Monday after the burial. 

Early morning walk with Uncle Eric
& learning how to swaddle her baby.

 A little blurry but too cute.

 Wearing a little outfit her Aunt Booie used to wear 18 years ago!
& enjoying dinner at a Chinese restaurant our family likes.

 Lena chats it up with Luna
& a dear old friend sent us the entire Anne of Green Gables DVD set!

 Green eggs (scrambled eggs in an herb pesto) at Belga Cafe on Capitol Hill for a Saturday morning out with my siblings.

 Wearing another outfit her Aunts Em and Boo used to wear 
& playing with Uncle Eric’s old pull toy.

Happy July birthdays!

Happy yogurt face before the flight home to Sicily
& settling in for a long plane flight.
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3 Responses to photos from home

  1. carrie July 27, 2012 at 10:09 pm #

    These pictures filled me with hope and happiness. I love to see you and Eric smiling in the midst of everything. You are inspirations and I think you are just the best. Praying for you friend!

  2. David Garber July 30, 2012 at 2:46 pm #

    I love all of the pictures, of course, but the one of Lena and your airplane seat-mate is amazing. :)

  3. Beth October 2, 2012 at 10:26 pm #

    Your pictures are really great and your daughter is a sweetie.

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