Snapshots from Motta Sant’Anastasia

A few photos from Motta, the town where we plan to live:
This is inside the castle, which is 20 feet from our new home.  We were impressed with the historical displays inside.  All high quality and beautifully done.

Our future house!  This photo was taken out one of the windows of the castle looking down on the house.  (Can you see the shadow of the castle?)

We will live on the bottom floor.  There’s a large balcony on the other side of the house that overlooks the valley.  The fruit trees look so far away from the house because they are.  This house is built on the edge of a volcanic cliff!  There’s a steep drop on the other side of the house.

Beside the dungeon’s trap door in the castle.

We walked around Motta with our gelato: strawberry and lemon for Elliott and pistachio and chocolate for me.  They also have mulberry flavor–called gelsi–which Elliott wants to get next time!  I love the cute houses and steep cobblestone streets of this little town.  The neighborhood surrounding our house is called the medieval section of town and is so classic with flowerpots on tiny balconies, narrow and brightly colored houses, and cathedral churches with old fashioned water fountains outside.

And Lena, patiently enduring a car ride in a friend’s car, and getting to know Sophie, her giraffe.
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  1. Autumn August 8, 2011 at 1:37 am #

    Where did Lena get Sophie from? And how did she choose that name?! I like both giraffes and the name Sophie…hence I am quite intrigued.

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