Venice, Part III

After a whirlwind Saturday where we hoofed ourselves all over Venice, we were ready to relax on Sunday.  We enjoyed our peaceful apartment that morning and then set off for a long walk around the city.

Before long we got lost.  What looked like a bridge on the map turned out to be a dead end.  Or at least a potentially very wet end.

Undeterred, we journeyed on.  Signs pointing to St Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge were generally helpful, unless they pointed the same way.  They are not very close to each other.

We went back to St. Mark’s Square to get a picture with the famous lions, the symbol of Venice.  I think Lena looks so stinkin’ cute in this picture!

Later that day we went back to the Rialto Bridge to watch part of the regatta (boat race).  

I love doorways like these in Venice.  I mean, what is this used for?  A gondola garage?

Later that evening we found a grocery store and I cooked up dinner in our little kitchen.

Spinach gnocchi, vegetable and pork kebabs-cum-stirfry, and peaches.  And wine, which is the red liquid in the plastic water bottle on the table.  Elliott bought this wine in a shop full of old wine kegs.  He studied the labeled kegs, chose a Malbec, and then the shopkeeper tapped the keg and filled an old 2-liter water bottle with the wine.  And it cost 2 euro!

Lena is ready to eat real food.  Elliott offered her a taste of his peach a little while back, and now when she sees us eating peaches and nectarines (of which we eat about 3 apiece these days) she reaches for it and sucks on it.  Rice cereal–the standard first food for babies–is going to be such a let down after sweet peaches!

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2 Responses to Venice, Part III

  1. Autumn September 21, 2011 at 2:21 am #

    I can’t believe Lena is eating real food! That’s amazing. And your kitchen there is so cute. And I love the close-up of Lena.

  2. Anonymous January 5, 2013 at 8:18 pm #

    thanks for this it helped a lot :)

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