Welcome to Sicily!

Hard to believe we’ve been here a week!  A whirlwind of:

-flights (Detroit > Paris > Rome > Catania, Sicily, at last)

-INDOC (stands for “indoctrination,” a 10-day crash course on life in Sicily as well as a loooong to-do list to start our lives in Italy)

-looking for housing (more house tours today!)

-church (spent a lot of Sunday at Calvary Baptist Church; there will be more church visits in the weeks ahead)

-life in temporary lodging (a sparkling clean little unit with a tiny kitchen; we’re very grateful)

-and life in Italy.  We have so much more to see and do.  We’ve only eaten out once, and it was for Asian food, if you’ll believe it!  Elliott’s veterinary office staff took us out to eat and they wanted Asian, not Italian, so that’s what we ate.  For now the priority is not food or travel, but heart and home.  The former two will become additional priorities as soon as we are settled, we have no doubt.

In the midst of this our baby girl has been an absolute jewel.  Jet lag took a few days for us all to get over, but Lena only had one sleepless hour in one relatively restful night.  We’ve been able to take her with us each day into a classroom for 5-8 hours a day during INDOC; I’ve only had to take her out because she’s too tired/fussy twice.  She’s napping beside me on the couch right now in Midtown on base:

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