Weekend Getaway to NYC! — Part II

IMG_9214 Hi again! Hope you had a great 4th of July… a while ago. ;)

In Part I of this post, I shared a bit about why and how Elliott and I went to New York. Here is the second half for all of you who love exploring and eating your way through new places!

becca-garber-nyc-brooklyn-3 After our morning in Lower Manhattan, Elliott and I took the subway to Brooklyn. I’d never been to Brooklyn, if you can believe it! We got off the subway at Park Slope and basically just started walking, meandering down tree-lined streets of Brooklyn brownstones, exploring the Brooklyn Public Library, dipping into The Community Bookstore to read and pet the cat, and resting for awhile in the grass of Prospect Park:

IMG_9217 We also wandered into Norman & Jules toy shop, which was basically the home of all the best and most beautiful toys in the WORLD, and a type of merchandise with which I am kind of obsessed.

It was there that I saw the Jess Brown doll for the first time. How much do you think she costs? Elliott guessed $65.

becca-garber-nyc-brooklyn-1 This is how much she costs.

IMG_9230 We were hemming and hawing about trying to see a Broadway show that night, so we got back on the subway and tried to get discounted tickets at the TKTS booth in Brooklyn. But they closed one minute before we arrived! Oh well. We opted to enjoy a leisurely dinner under the Brooklyn Bridge instead.

IMG_9239 FYI, Luke’s Lobster right under the bridge is amazing.

IMG_9244 So is sunset from Brooklyn Bridge Park. I had heard about it all my life and finally got to experience it myself!

IMG_9249 We finished up dinner with a pizza from Juliana’s since Taza says it’s their favorite, and I custom ordered ours with anchovies, hot salami, and capers to be like our favorite pizza in Sicily. Delicioso!

becca-garber-nyc-brooklyn-4 And then we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset, which was busy and iconic and absolutely wonderful. Especially with this guy: IMG_9335 After we walked off the bridge, we took the subway back to our hotel and collapsed with aching feet. Buuuut it was 8pm in Manhattan on a Saturday night and… YOLO, right?

So we looked up bars within walking distance and found this new one that tons of Yelpers loved, and we decided to give it a try:

IMG_9272 Elliott snagged us two precious seats at the bar, and I wiggled out of the masses of loud, fast-talking, perfectly coiffed Manhattan yuppies (or were they yuccies?) to gratefully sit down and take in the show. The whole place felt beautiful, dark, and gleaming, with waiters in leather aprons wielding brass bar tools, hands a blur over the glittering bottles and sparkling ice. Whatever they were making was mostly a mystery to us (and cost $16 per drink!), but we acted as nonchalant as possible as we ordered and then just had fun.

All I can say is that the whole experience was so worth getting out of bed for. becca-garber-nyc-brooklyn-5 The next day, Elliott and I drove to Providence, RI, for the wedding of a friend of his from Boston. The wedding included a traditional Jewish ceremony, which was a first for Elliott and me. I think our favorite part was when Elliott helped to hold up the bride’s chair for the dancing, which is another thing I’ve only seen in movies (unfortunately!).

becca-garber-nyc-brooklyn-2 We didn’t know anyone but the groom, though, and so we mostly just had fun dancing and eating and exploring the gorgeous property on the water. Not a bad way to end a romantic East Coast getaway, right?

IMG_9299 I flew home the next day to two very happy little kiddos and their wonderful aunt, who had taken very good care of them in my absence. I think they barely missed me! A sign of secure kids and a very good babysitter.

Thank you again, dear husband! Feel free to surprise me again anytime. :)

Our little taste of New England got me so excited for another family reunion in Newport, RI, later this summer. Have you spent time in New England? Which is your favorite little coastal town?

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22 Responses to Weekend Getaway to NYC! — Part II

  1. Katie Stratton July 11, 2015 at 4:44 am #

    we are in Newport this weekend, any suggestions?

  2. Meredith July 11, 2015 at 5:48 am #

    I love Luke’s Lobster! I’ve decided I want to eat a lobster roll for my birthday next month and am trying to figure out how to make that happen… Looks like such a fun weekend. I’ve been to NYC a lot but never with my husband! Will have to figure out how to make that happen someday, too.

  3. Traci July 11, 2015 at 6:17 am #

    How fun! Sounds like a great getaway. The pizza looks delicious!

  4. Lucy Green July 11, 2015 at 6:30 pm #

    You clearly squeezed every drop out of getaway!! And in your descriptions you help me to take part in your adventure. Thank you!!

  5. kristin July 13, 2015 at 10:58 am #

    i clicked the link for the dolls, and i figured since you mentioned elliot’s guess he was probably wrong by about $30. BOY! my first thought was “zoinks!” — i was shocked- $130+ more than his estimate. my boys would not take care of those properly. I can’t believe how well you guys knocked NYC and beyond out of the park with such short notice! i’m still scrambling for a camping trip in the current state we live in- planning stuff is not a strong suit of mine! this gives me motivation to pull it together. ;)

  6. Joy July 13, 2015 at 11:16 am #

    Looks like such a great trip! I’m glad you had so much fun! Also, I just have to say, I love that you guys also pretend to be nonchalant about mysterious $16 drinks!! Right there with ya!! Those pics of you two at the wedding are so cute!

  7. Carrie July 13, 2015 at 11:38 am #

    Such a fun getaway!!!

  8. Esther July 31, 2015 at 10:25 am #

    just catching up on your feed…and all the heart eyes go to the selfies of you two dressed up for the wedding. Hugs!

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